Active Dog

In our Active Dog Petfood we are focusing on the higher energy requirement. Within is covered the entire nutrients budget of your hard-working dogs.

Our petfood is produced fresh. We don’t use any kind of preservatives, dyes and attractants.

Free delivery from 15 kg (Suisse)

1 kg CHF 14.00
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15 kg CHF 105.00
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chicken flour, poultry fat, carob flour, flaxseed roasted, citric acid, brewer’s yeast, dehydrated sugar beet pulp, millet feed flour, fodder rice flour, vitamin-&-traces-VM, calcium carbonate, potato protein, fructo-oligosaccharides, l-carnitine

Contains no dyes

Feeding recommendation:

Weight per day and dog Weight per day and dog
5 kg 105 g 30 kg 395 g
10 kg 175 g 40 kg 490 g
15 kg 235 g 50 kg 580 g
20 kg 290 g 70 kg 750 g


Provide enough drinking water

Store petfood in a cold and dry place

Additional information

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Information per

1 kg

Nutritional Additives per kg:

vitamin A (12‘000 IE), vitamin D-3 (2‘125 IE), vitamin E (100mg), iron [sulphate monohydrate] (80 mg), copper [sulphate pentahydrate] (12.5 mg), zinc [zinc oxide] (98 mg), iodine [calcium iodate anhydrid] (1.0 mg), manganese [manganese oxide] (40 mg), cobalt [cobalt sulfate heptahyrate] (0.5 mg), selenium [sodium selenite] (0.25 mg), l-carnitine (200mg), Technological additives: bentonite-montmorillonite (1’341 mg)

Ingredients per kg:

crude protein 24.50%, crude fat 15.50%, crude ash 6.50 %, crude fibres 2.00%, calcium 1.20%, phosphorus 0.87%, sodium 0.25%, l-carnitine 200 mg